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We implement complex projects that help improve the production of electronics

Sergey Rybakov
Deputy General Director
We are glad to welcome you to our company Solidus LLC! Why "Solidus"? Because this important term is familiar to every engineer. This multifaceted word sounds to our ears as "solid", "solidary". Its translation from Latin - "reliable" and "solid" - reflects the company's approach to business, projects, to our relationship with you - for years, forever.

We are a young company by the date of creation, but very mature by the age of the people working in it, by our experience and knowledge in the production of electronics. We build it on three principles: thoughtfulness in business, courtesy in relationships with people and decency in everything.
Thank you for your trust.

Anton Sizov
General Director
Starting a new life, we looked back in time and realized that we have too many friends and partners in this industry, that we have given technology most of our lives, and all this is absolutely impossible to cross out.

Therefore, today we are still together, the same as you have known us for the last couple of decades. However, now our call sign is Solidus LLC.

We still want and can be useful to you, and our knowledge and accumulated experience are at your disposal.

We have not let you down before, we will not let you down in the future.

About Us

Solidus LLC specializes in the implementation of high-tech projects for the development of enterprises in the radio-electronic industry using the principles of Industry 4.0.

The main competence of the company is the creation of modern electronics production, equipping with innovative technological equipment and materials, a full offer of service and technological services.

Service engineers and technologists have been trained to operate the equipment at the suppliers' factories and have many years of experience in commissioning and technical support of the supplied units.

Within the framework of the import substitution program for the radio-electronic industry, cooperation has been established with responsible Russian manufacturers of equipment and technological materials for the assembly of electronic equipment.


    Solidus LLC supplies a wide range of equipment from Russian and world manufacturers for all technological processes of electronics assembly:
    • assembly and installation of components;
    • inspection of printed circuit boards;
    • cleaning of printed circuit boards and stencils;
    • application of moisture-proof coatings on printed circuit boards;
    • storage of electronic components;
    • repair;
    • supporting processes.


      • Рыбаков Сергей Сергеевич
        Deputy General Director
      • Сизов Антон Владимирович
        General Director
      • Яковенко Олег Вячеславович
        Chief designer


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